The Ohio Department of Education compiles the information on the report cards utilizing data collected and reported by school districts (including community schools and joint vocational school districts) to the department in accordance with 3301.0714 of the Ohio Revised Code. School districts have the opportunity to submit, review, validate and correct data during an established data submission period.  
Additionally, districts have the opportunity to appeal and correct substantive reporting errors through an official appeals process.
The information provided on the report cards is subject to change if any of the following occur:
  • Incomplete or inaccurate data submitted by a school district likely caused the district to receive a higher performance rating (in accordance with 3301.0714 ORC)
  • The department decides to update based upon a substantive error in data reported by a school district
  • An error is identified in a calculation or data compilation performed by the department

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Errata for the 2016-2017 Report Cards
A small number of schools and districts had an update to the four-year and five-year graduation rate, the graduation component and the AMO graduation rate data to remove an incorrect filter that excluded students from the calculation.  Updates also were made to some CTPD report cards to correct  a systemic data compilation error, which resulted in the exclusion of a small number of students from all Graduation Rate, Prepared for Success, and Nontraditional Participation measures. 
A number of districts identified reporting errors with their CTE participant data which may have affected the 2017 Indicators Met measure grades and the Achievement component grades. Districts currently have the opportunity to appeal and correct substantive reporting errors through an official appeals process.  The Indicators Met data/grades and Achievement component grades will  be released in October.
In some cases, the disaggregated data for Single Year Graduation Rate is displaying incorrectly on the Federal Report page of the CTPD report card.  An update will be made to the data soon.
Release Notes for the 2016-2017 Report Cards
2016-2017 Ohio School Report Cards third release, which includes updates to school/district finance data due to finance data appeals and community school FTE reviews.  2017 CTE data updated for several federal measures including non-traditional participation rates.  The percent of students graduating from college within six years of their cohort leaving high school also was updated.  Watermarks added to the PDF version of the 2016 CTPD report cards to denote small changes to the graduation rate and Prepared for Success data.
2016-2017 Ohio School Report Cards second release, which includes fixes to several calculation (see errata for more details).  The Indicator Met measure grade and the Achievement Component grade also were added to the CTPD Report Cards.
2016-2017 Ohio School Report Cards released.